I mentioned last week on my Facebook page (Alan Jones Australia) that the President of the United States, allegedly the leader of the free world, Joe Biden, was holding a virtual Summit for Democracy on December 9 and 10, a couple of days away.

I mentioned that those invited virtually split the ASEAN nations.

The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia invited; not so, Singapore or Thailand.

India and Pakistan in, but not Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, South Asia’s oldest democracy. But then, what about Myanmar?

The single person identified with the fight for freedom in Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi has been sentenced to four years jail on trumped up charges which may see the Nobel Laureate jailed for the rest of her life. She is 76.

Also convicted was the ousted President, the Mayor of the capital.

One former chief Minister was this month sentenced to 75 years in jail and a close aide of Suu Kyi has been jailed for 20 years – all of this following a military coup on February 1 that ended the hard won fight for democracy.

Ms Suu Kyi has been charged with multiple counts of corruption including, can you believe, the illegal importation of walkie talkies and, of course, election fraud because her party, the National League for Democracy won a thumping landslide victory in last November’s General Election.

I might add that Ms Suu Kyi also won a landslide victory in a 1990 General Election. The military junta intervened then.

She won an historic victory in 2015 winning 86 per cent of the seats in the nation’s assembly, but the military-drafted constitution barred her from holding the Presidency. And now this!

There has been no proof of corruption.

Journalists have been banned from attending court; Ms Suu Kyi’s lawyers banned from speaking to the media.

We know of these convictions because they are high-profile, but Amnesty International argues that more than 1300 people have been killed and thousands arrested since the coup in February; people peacefully exercising their human rights.

Only at the weekend, a military truck rammed a peaceful march of anti-government protestors in Yangon. At least three people were killed.

Voices could be heard saying, “the car is coming… …please help! It hit the children… …oh!… dead!… run… run!” The protest had been on the street for two minutes.

Armed soldiers were in charge of the vehicle and they opened fire and arrested young people who had been hit by the car.

This lethal force by the army and the police is an everyday occurrence.

In a statement issued by Ms Suu Kyi’s National Unity Government, an underground Opposition group that has set itself up as a parallel administration, it made the point, “the intention of the junta is clear. Create as much fear and panic as possible.

Inflict as much pain, trauma and suffering as they can without a care as to who their victims are. Reinforce the message that anyone at anytime can be killed, arrested, beaten or wounded simply for being in the wrong place”.

The statement repeated the call for international action to oust the military government.

And Joe Biden is having is having a Summit for Democracy this very week.

Never before has the leadership of the free world been so impotent and invertebrate.

Supposed democratic leaders mouth platitudes at every turn about the need to fight for freedom and democracy; but not one has put their hand up to come to the aid of one courageous woman who has spent her life doing just that. And now she faces the prospect of seeing that life end up in jail.

Does the free world have no shame in the wake of its abandonment of Myanmar?

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