As we come towards the end of 2021, Australians are entitled to wonder what kind of Australia lies in front of us.
It surely has to be better than what we are currently passing through.

It seems that, philosophically and ideologically, governments don’t seem to stand for anything, other than bribing the voters to give them another go.

Dominic Perrottet was a breath of fresh air arguing that freedom was not for the government to give, but we are still denied basic freedoms at every turn; and in Victoria, there is no evidence that the Andrews government will let go control and even less evidence that the Opposition are offering a totally different path for the future.

In Queensland, it is often hard to determine the difference between the sunshine State and North Korea.

Further manifestation of the almost total betrayal of what Australia once was comes with the news today that the black and white flag of the terrorist group, Islamic State, has been displayed 305 times in NSW since 2015.

You see, this is the impotence of government writ large.

In 2014, the former Premier Mike Baird said the flag should be prohibited. Nothing happened.

Yet here we have police records of the flag flying at a range of events proclaiming, as any flag does, the sovereignty of what it represents.

Is this the thin edge of the wedge?

It would be a brave person to suggest that those who fly the flag don’t hope that one day it will be the national flag.
The flag of Hezbollah, the militant group based in Lebanon, has been hoisted up the pole 49 times since 2015.

What does government do? Nothing.

Are they too frightened or do they believe in nothing?

Only recently, the federal government has designated the entire Hezbollah outfit as a terrorist group.

The thing that irks people is that all this stuff, whether it is flags or Black Lives Matter or indoctrination in the classroom, it is all going on when government is bigger and more bloated than ever before yet on things that matter, governments run for cover.

In NSW, Walt Secord is the Labor, not in government, counter-terrorism spokesman. Is there anyone who disagrees with him when he says that the figures are shocking, that the flags represent total evil and that those who fly them hate everything we stand for.

But perhaps the problem is that those in government do not know what we stand for and the few who do aren’t prepared to defend what were once Australian values.

What confidence can we have that 2022 will be better than 2021? Or does our once great country slide further into an abyss, where very little we see bears any relationship to what Australia once was.

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