The West continue to fund Putin’s war

We have had the Glasgow Summit and any number of reports from this IPCC outfit.

All of them command alarmist headlines telling us we must replace fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy.

Yet by the UN’s own estimates, if all nations were to live up to all their promises about reducing carbon dioxide emissions, from fossil fuels, global temperatures would be reduced by less than 0.05 degrees centigrade by 2100.

As Bjorn Lomborg has warned us, there are many studies which show that the resultant drag on world economies would be somewhere between $1 and $2 trillion every year after 2030.

Three-quarters of the 21st century’s emissions will come from the rest of the world, China, India, Africa and Latin America.

They won’t accept slower economic growth to address some problem 50 years from now.

Lomborg makes the point that rich people still get 79 percent of their energy from fossil fuels, but 6 billion not rich people want access to plentiful and cheap energy lifting them out of hunger, sickness and poverty.

Michael Shellenberger, a world-renowned environmental activist for 20 years, apologised in July last year for, “The climate scare we have created over the past 30 years… once you realise how badly misinformed we have been, it is hard not to feel duped.”

And now the war in Ukraine.

Two things are certain.

We are fighting Russia yet, every day, the world spends more than a billion dollars buying fossil fuels from Russia – $1 billion buying fossil fuels from Russia to fund Putin’s war against Ukraine.

As the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said, that money is now paying for “the murder of Ukrainian men, women and children.”

But the European Union, led by Angela Merkel, has gone green, paying Russia more than half a billion USD a day, mostly for fossil fuels, especially gas, because solar and wind can’t do the job.

As Bjorn Lomborg has reminded us, Germany can experience wind lulls lasting more than five days.

And despite all the hype, solar and wind deliver less than four per cent of Europe’s total energy.

For European homes, electricity only delivers a tiny part of the heating, gas provides almost 40 per cent.

Again, Bjorn Lomborg makes the very valid point, “Much more energy comes from the world’s oldest energy source, burning wood. While, in principle, renewable, increasing the amount of forests cut down can have huge biodiversity impacts… Moreover, wood emits more Co2 than coal when burnt and is often imported and transported on diesel ships from the US.”

So, what are the alternatives to Russian oil and gas, when Germany has shut down three nuclear power plants and will shut down three more by the end of the year proving, clearly, what I have argued forever, that current Western political leadership is just dumb.

Nuclear delivers safe and reliable energy, but you can’t get a debate about it in this country.

And the prevailing stupidity is that we must drive reliable, low-cost, coal-fired power out of the market, worldwide.

Bjorn Lomborg continues to be ignored.

His point is unarguable, a point I have made many times, “Reliable energy maintains the foundation of modern society, and few are willing to give up its benefits. Access to cheap, abundant and dependable energy has been the cornerstone of the industrial revolution and humanity’s achievements.”

A sensible energy policy, as I have said many times, can be expressed in one sentence – Our energy must be available, reliable and affordable.

Renewable energy is none of those.

Yet, now, because Europe has embraced green madness, it relies on Russia for its oil and gas.

Think of it. The world is spending a billion dollars, every day, buying fossil fuels from Russia to fund the Putin war in which innocent civilians are being butchered.

This is where green madness has taken us.

We ignore this lesson at our peril.

Energy independence must be central to a secure future.

How often have I said that the real crisis we face, above all else, is a crisis in Western political leadership.

With Biden at the helm, it can only get worse.

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