Minister expected to be sacked by PM

What currency can be given to the story that the outstanding federal Education Minister, Alan Tudge, could be sacked over a consensual relationship that he had with a staffer.

Three points emerge from that.

One is that Tudge has grabbed the education challenge of massive amounts of money being spent and very little to show for it, while parents and children suffer.

Tudge is the best federal Education Minister in a long time.

Is he to be sacrificed?

The second point is that this was a consensual relationship whereby some years ago, as it now transpires, the other party is now ventilating a problem. Does this mean that Tudge must be sacrificed?

The third point is if leadership means leading rather than following, the Prime Minister should publicly state that Tudge is safe and get on with the business of turning around the education mess.

If Tudge is at risk, then the Prime Minister is walking on eggshells.

The information I am getting from Canberra is about deep concern with the Morrison factor in the imminent election. Is there a challenge to his leadership? Is it too late?

There is no doubt that the discussion is taking place about a Dutton/Frydenberg ticket or a Frydenberg/Dutton ticket.

Why is this the case? Two points.

The Coalition, on every available marker, is in diabolical trouble.

The corridor is saying that if you remove Morrison, the Labor Party’s campaign strategy collapses. All its advertising and all its campaign rhetoric is based on a personal attack on Morrison via the Berejiklian comments and Barnaby Joyce comments.

If Morrison goes, the Labor Party campaign strategy collapses.

The Coalition have more problems on their hands than Alan Tudge.

But make no mistake, if Morrison sacks Alan Tudge, he may well be sacking himself.

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