Climate 200 and the so-called ‘independents’

In all probability, Zali Steggall will survive what is rank hypocrisy, if not dishonesty, and have the failure to report a $100,000 donation from the family trust of coal billionaire, John Kinghorn, described as an accidental omission.

Yet remember, the $100,000 was recorded as a series of smaller donations, all below the reporting threshold, so that no one would know.

Does that sound accidental?

Had it been one of the major parties, all hell would have broken loose.

But again, she will be looked after by the left-wing media swallowing the Steggall argument that it was a “rookie mistake”.

Yesterday, we heard from the Climate 200 founder, Simon Holmes à Court, whose organisation has raised about $10 million from more than 8,000 donors in order to support candidates at the next federal election.

The bulk of these candidates who call themselves “independent” just happen to be opposing sitting Liberals.

Shouldn’t Mr Holmes à Court have to declare where this $10 million comes from?

Who are these donors?

What is their agenda?

What is the connection between Mr Holmes à Court’s Climate 200 and Zali Steggall’s Warringah Independent, the company apparently financing Steggall’s campaign?

The former Financial Controller of Warringah Independent just happens now to be a Climate 200 Director.

Mr Holmes à Court talked yesterday about the need for donors to voluntarily disclose their identity.

If Mr Holmes à Court and his Climate 200 and Zali Steggall’s Warringah Independent want to appear as the clean skins in relation to political donations, why, then, don’t they publicly declare all donations over $1,000?

And if Kinghorn’s $100,000 was a rookie mistake, how many other rookie mistakes are there that we don’t know about?

It is a simple story.

Zali Steggall attacks fossil fuels but there is not one wind turbine that has gone up as a result of her advocacy when she represents an electorate where the wind often blows like a gale.

Why not stick some wind turbines up on Manly Beach to put the rhetoric that got her elected into practice?

But having attacked the fossil fuel industry, she can then brazenly says that she is happy to accept the $100,000 from coal interests, “If you ruled out taking donations from anyone who has invested in coal at one time or another, you pretty much rule out everyone.”

Do you get the message? Oppose fossil fuels but take money from the fossil fuel industry.

Last election it was GetUp! spraying money around in order to defeat Liberal candidates.

Now it is Climate 200 and Warringah Independent.

Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party need to get into the ring and demand to know who these people are and where the money is coming from and what is their agenda.

One thing is for sure, they are anything but independent.

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