About Us

Values and principles

Australian Digital Holdings Pty Limited (“ADH”) is an independent digital media company with a mission to provide educational and empowering content to viewers via a range of digital platforms. ADH seeks to impact the digital media landscape by providing a legacy of profound value-based social purpose via nuanced content that is well informed and well researched, in order to promote a culture of educated civil debate. Viewers are encouraged to utilise ADH’s various interactive platforms in order to cultivate an informed opinion and to engage in discourse regarding public and social issues.


Giving viewers informed, researched, and nuanced content to promote educated debate.


Empowering our viewers to have an informed opinion to participate in civil discourse.


Encourage viewers to utilise our interactive platform to engage with public and social issues.


To promote individual freedom through personal accountability and protection of liberty.


To promote high moral standards and discipline (honesty and trustworthiness, courage, and adding value to society).


Create a legacy for future generations that inspires hope and defends people of all backgrounds.

Alan Jones is one of Australia’s most prominent and influential broadcasters.

During a distinguished career that has spanned 35 years behind the microphone, Alan dominated the Sydney breakfast radio timeslot, recording an unequalled 226 survey wins – the undisputed greatest radio broadcaster in Australian history.